This triple lens holder hangs from your waist so that you “Never miss a shot”

This triple lens holder hangs from your waist so that you “Never miss a shot”

You do see some strange things popping up on Kickstarter. This one doesn’t launch for another 17 days or so, but I think it definitely qualifies as a little strange. It’s the TriLens Holder from a company called Frii. On first glance, it might seem quite useful. A neat new idea that could be a valuable time saver if you’re shooting something like a wedding or other event.

You’re not going to be using the same lens all day, and you want to have your other go-to lenses close at hand. It is actually a pretty neat idea, although not a new one. It’s a lot like the Lens Flipper, except it holds three lenses instead of two. And it also attaches to your belt instead of using a strap or attaching to a backpack. But that’s a lot of weight tugging on your pants all day.

So you’ve got one lens on your camera, and three more on the TriLens. Let’s think about the common lenses many wedding shooters use. Say, a 24-70mm f/2.8, 70-200mm f/2.8, 100-ish mm f/2.8 macro, and, let’s throw in a 35mm f/1.4.

That means you’ve got between 2,391g (5.3lbs) and 3,220g (7lbs) hanging from your waist all day long. Canon fares a little better on the weight score, with their equivalent lenses coming in at between 2,190g (4.8lbs) and 3,055g (6.7lbs), but it’s still pretty close.

Like I said, it is a neat concept, but I just can’t see it being all that practical over just carrying two bodies with your two most used lenses. Then switch out for the others in a small bag as needed. And what about the people who don’t wear belts? Not all photographers are men, and even dresses that do have belts typically don’t support this kind of weight.

Still, if you like the idea and want one of your own, the product launches on Kickstarter in 17 days. You can find out more about it and sign up for an alert when it goes live on the Frii website. There’s no word on price, yet, though.

This 4K timelapse takes you to all corners of Hawaiian island of Oahu

This 4K timelapse takes you to all corners of Hawaiian island of Oahu

I love good timelapse videos. When they depict places around the planet, it boosts my desire to travel. I admire photographers who make an effort to create these demanding videos, and this time I�™m presenting you with a timelapse by Chris Biela.

Last time he took us to Chicago, and this time we go somewhere warmer – Hawaii. It features some of the most beautiful places on the Island of Oahu, and Chris was lucky enough to capture rainbows and supermoon as well during his stay. He shared with us some details about making the timelapse, some photos, and of course �“ the video that might just help you decide where to spend your summer vacation.

Chris spent time on the Island of Oahu �“ Hawaii, which is the most visited and well known touristic destination. However, he says that you have to escape the crowds if you really want to experience Hawaiian spirit:

Coming to Hawaii is definitely a special to me. I could stay 24 hours a day and absorb the scenery. It is never enough. Part of my trip I spend on North Shore to explore less known spots. To capture some beautiful sunrises and visit amazing, tranquil places. Love when it rains. There is always rainbow somewhere. On one day I catch six in a row! My personal record. �Ÿ™‚

Chris says that capturing supermoon was one of the highlights of his trip:

Horizon was a little cloudy but moon appeared so large and bright, almost as daylight. This lifetime experience under the palm tree? I call it – spectacular.

Chris feels that Hawaii is very special for him, and wanted to dedicate the whole project as a big �œthank you” to the People of Hawaii, their land and their culture.

I asked Chris some details about his project. First of all �“ how long it lasted and how many photos did he take:

This project took longer than I thought but it was fun to make. I captured over 60K stills in 100 + time lapses. I was taking pictures for two weeks. Processing and editing was another month.

If you�™re wondering about the gear he used, this is his list:

He processed the pictures in LR Time Lapse, Lightroom 5 and edited in Sony Movie Studio 13.

And in case you were wondering about the locations, this timelapse captures more than 20 locations throughout the island: Kaiwa ridge (Pilbox), Lanikai Beach, Diamond Head State Monument, Banzai Pipeline, YMCA Waialua -The Others Village From TV Show Lost �“ to name just a few.

Finally, I asked Chris what the hardest part was, and here�™s what he said:  The hardest part was to capture rainbows since they appear fast and last not too long.

Well, it may have been hard, but he captured more rainbows than I saw for the past ten years.

I like the versatility of this timelapse and the fact that Chris really went all around the island to capture it in all its beauty. If you also like Chris�™ work, make sure to give him a follow on 500px or subscribe to his YouTube channel.

[HI-Lapse OAHU – Hawaii 4K Time Lapse | Chris Biela]